Measuring Details

For the best Harp Couture shopping experience, carefully measuring and following chart guidelines will help to ensure that we create and send you products you'll  love.  Please follow these "best practices" before placing your orders.




Each of our harp covers (Harp Tunic, Harp Jacket, and Reversible Small Harp Carrying Case) are custom-made.  While we may have patterns of various harps already available, providing exact information about your harp will help ensure that your harp cover is a perfect fit.


After you place your order, you will receive a personal email confirmation from Harp Couture asking you to confirm information provided as well as any additional  information we'll need to complete your order.  In the event we do not have an existing pattern for your type of harp (brand, specific measurements, etc.), we will include instructions for providing the exact measurements we'll need from you.




Also, if you are purchasing harp music from our exclusive distributor, Rhett Barnwell of Seraphim Music, and wish to include any of our select Harp Couture products carried on the Seraphim Music website ( for a "one-stop-shop" experience, by all means, please be our guest!


If, however, you have any specific design, ordering, or shipment inquiries, you must either respond directly to our Harp Couture confirmation email or simply email us directly at to allow us an opportunity to clarify your order, answer your specific questions and ensure you receive  your Harp Couture products in a timely manner. We kindly ask that you please do not contact Rhett Barnwell or Seraphim Music for Harp Couture design inquiries - it will only delay the process for you. 





To ensure the best possible fit for any of our Harp Couture apparel items ordered, we ask that you take a moment to  refer to the manufacturer's sizing charts provided for each item before placing order.  This is extremely important because sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Using the charts provided will help us to ensure the item is going to fit well.  Remember, too, that any custom-monogrammed apparel item (i.e., any items with your personal initials embroidered on them) cannot be returned for a refund, so it's especially important that you carefully follow the measuring charts when ordering apparel items.


OUR GENERAL RULE IS THIS:  Use an existing, favorite-fitting item that is similar to what you're ordering. Using the measuring chart as a guide, compare measurements (in inches) and place order accordingly.








Simply browse through our product line, add items to your cart, and check out using a valid credit card via PayPal...that's it!  You will receive a confirmation email from us, which may include information we'll need for all custom-made items, so please do take a moment to read any emails from us regarding your order.  Thank you!





Select items you would like to order and email your requests with all of the specific details directly to us a

Please include:

  • Your full name

  • Your complete mailing address

  • Preferred email address

  • Preferred phone number

  • Complete ship-to address, including name and phone number of recipient, which is required for all express and international shipments.

  • Item name/number and quantity

  • Item color and any special embroidery requests (follow instructions for custom monogramming; indicate Styles A-E plus extra embellishments offered).

  • You will receive an order confirmation number and order details with payment instructions.





  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for all custom orders, including custom embroidered items. If you are placing a "rush" order, you must email us directly to advise and we will do everything possible to deliver your order on time.


  • INTERNATIONAL ORDERS will require at least 2-4 weeks for delivery from the time of order shipment.  (SEE SHIPPING NOTES)










We strive to do our best to keep our shipping costs  as low as possible for our customers. Unless you have a specific deadline for the arrival of your purchased items,  our standard method of shipping is the USPS Flat Rate Service, plus a nominal handling fee.  


We have found that this a very reliable method of shipping, as it  includes shipping notifications/confirmations and tracking numbers for each shipment sent throughout the continental United States.  In addition, if you're ordering more than one item, we will place as many things into the smallest possible flat rate box we can (without damaging items being ordered) to help keep your shipping costs to a minimum. Keep in mind that standard first-class mail will be the most economical method of shipping; however, the USPS does not provide automatic tracking numbers and there may be no recourse for items lost in the mail. You  have the option to upgrade your shipping method for more guaranteed delivery dates.


PLEASE notify us immediately by email to if there is an urgent deadline requiring express/overnight mail.


Here's our current shipping and handling rates effective September 2014:


USPS Small Flat Rate Box.........................................  $   8.50


USPS Medium Flat Rate Box....................................  $ 15.50


USPS Large Flat Rate Box ........................................  $ 20.50


USPS Extra-Large Box...............................................  starts at $25.00


Minimum International Rate (varies by country)..  $ 25.00*


* We will provide an additional PayPal invoice to cover any differences.






  • Please allow at least 2-4 weeks from  date of shipment to arrive at destinations outside of the continental United States.  Many of our shipments arrive well before that time; however, some do not, so it’s best to anticipate some delay in the process.


  • Our normal shipping method is by United States Postal Service (USPS) , and we do our best to provide our international customers an accurate estimate of shipping costs.  It is usually correct or very close to our estimate at the time of actual shipment at the post office.  However, we have no control of additional postage due when the package arrives in the destination country.  We pay what we are told to pay by USPS...any additional fees charged by the destination country's postal service is the the responsibility of the customer.


  • If standard U.S. Postal Service is not fast enough for your needs, you have the option of choosing one of the expedited services offered above; size and weight of package may alter the basic prices listed. 


  • Please understand that online payments include a minimum shipping charge, and expedited service requests will be billed separately, deducting any shipping costs already paid for in advance. 












Use our convenient PayPal check-out service.  


International customers, please note that additional PayPal invoices  may be required to cover additional shipping costs to your respective countries; however, the $25.00 posted below is a fairly accurate minimum rate for most countries.



Make payable to "HARP COUTURE" and mail to:


Coralie Olszta, Director of Design

Harp Couture

205 Fairlane Drive

Joliet, IL 60435







  • All sales of custom-made  Harp Tunics, Harp Jackets, or any custom-monogrammed items (such as Harp Jackets, Perfect View Harp Mats, Music Document/Tote Bags, Purses, etc. with your personal initials) are final.   


  • Any unused or unworn Harp Couture product (plain - not monogrammed) in original condition and packaging may be returned up to (30) days from the date of receipt . The refund will cover the cost paid for the item  only (shipping fees not included) , less  any PayPal service fees and a 20% restocking fee, if applicable.  Return postage fees are not covered.


  • In the case of proven product defect, we will replace defective product with a duplicate item or an item of equal value.

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