Hand-Painted Denim Shirt

Hand-Painted Denim Shirt

Hand-Painted Denim Shirt [HC-5028]    $35.00

Denim shirts are so versatile...and those which express your passion for the harp are even better! In addition to our custom-embroidered denims...we are adding an exciting new twist: custom, hand-painted denim shirts which are so unique, no two are alike! Available in dark denim color only and hand-painted with a special fabric bleach technique. For best fit, please follow the measuring guide provided.

SPECIAL PRICING NOTE: Sizes 2XL, 3XL and 4XL are $2.00 extra.
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    For best fit: Lay a favorite-fitting shirt on flat surface and compare measurements to chart below:

    XS: Body Length Back = 28-1/2"
    Body Width = 20-1/4"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 30-3/4"

    S: Body Length Back = 29"
    Body Width = 21-1/4"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 31-1/2"

    M: Body Length Back = 29-1/2"
    Body Width = 22-1/2"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 32-1/4"

    L: Body Length Back = 30"
    Body Width = 23-3/4"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 33-1/4"

    XL: Body Length Back = 30-1/2"
    Body Width = 25-1/4"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 34"

    **2XL: Body Length Back=31"
    Body Width = 26-3/4"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 34-3/4"

    **3XL: Body Length Back = 31-1/2"
    Body Width = 28-1/4"
    Sleeve Length (from center back) = 35-1/2"

    **NOTE: 2XL and 3XL sizes are $2.00 extra.