Harp Accessory Bag

Harp Accessory Bag

Harp Accessory Bag [HC-3000]    $22.50

Keep all of your essential harp tools (tuner, tuning key, pencil, personal ID, cash, credit cards) handy in our cleverly-designed Harp Accessory Bag™ which attaches snugly to your harp soundboard!

Outside pocket can accommodate your business card or small notepad. The unique design of the hook-and-loop closure handle allows our Harp Accessory Bag™ to be easily removed to serve as a mini purse during harp performance, workshop or convention breaks.

Available in four satin colors (black, rust, gold, or cream); two velveteen colors (black or walnut); and black velvet. All colors chosen to complement a variety of harp wood colors.
  • Details

    DIMENSIONS: 6" x 7" with a 14" strap


    • Open Velcro strap and drop through the top of the preferred soundboard hole position.

    • Pull the end of the dropped strap through the next soundboard hole.

    •Thread strap through the loop in corner of bag, with Velcro facing UP as you do so.

    • Reach through the top soundboard hole position, pull strap straight up and attach to Velcro for a snug fit.

    • The Harp Accessory Bag™ should fit flat against the soundboard, and not “dangle” by the strap.

    • Spot clean or dry clean only. Do not launder.